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De-Stress with Aromatherapy

Can Essential Oils Really Relieve Stress?

If you find yourself ever dealing with stress, you may want to look into essential oils. Aromatherapy is proven to positively affect your hormone production, brain chemistry and stress levels. It can also ease depression, boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, improve sleep, increase circulation and improve digestion. On Stress Awareness Day, calm whatever is bothering you with the healing scents of essential oils.

Essential Oils Aromatherapy

What is Aromatherapy


An alternative medicine, aromatherapy uses volatile plant materials, which are more commonly known as essential oils. Each of these unique blends are extracted from the roots, leaves, seeds or blossoms of plants. Aromatherapy has been a source of medicine for thousands of years, just in different sources. In fact, steam distillation in the 11th century first made it possible to remove the essential oils from plant materials.

How it Works


The olfactory nerve, which gives us our sense of smell, is connected directly to the brain. It sends signals to parts of the brain that control our emotion, mood and memory. According to Psychology Today, essential oils are even shown to interact with our neuroreceptors the same way anti-anxiety medications do. When you breathe in essential oil molecules, some researchers believe this stimulates the parts of the brain associated with physical, emotional and mental health.


Stress Relief


Stress relief is one of the most popular uses of essential oils. Many oils can soothe the mind and eliminate anxiety. For stress relief, try using lemon oil, lavender, bergamot, peppermint or ylang ylang. A study on lavender found that it calms the nervous system, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature and changing brainwaves to be be more relaxed. Lavender is believed to stimulate the brain cells in the amygdala, with results similar to that of sedative medications. Lemon was also found to soothe stress and anxiety and lower the heart rate within 10 minutes.


You can also blend the oils for a powerful effect. The restful blend, for example, can help the individual unwind and quiet the mind. It can contain any combination of lavender, marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, cedarwood and vetiver. This blend encourages renewal and rest, bringing about a sense of tranquility.


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How to Use


Aromatherapy is typically thought of by breathing in the essential oil. You can also dab the oils on a piece of cloth or a scarf, for example to have consistent aromatherapy with you. They can be placed directly onto or massaged into the skin. The oils can enter the bloodstream in as little as five minutes of rubbing the oil onto the skin and have immediate benefits.

Founder and therapist, Dani Singer, created her aromatherapy products as a way to take therapy with you. Dab the oils onto an aromatherapy pad and hide in a little pocket on your scarf or put it directly on your mala beads to relieve stress and relax the body.

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