Essential Oils: An Art and a Science

While essential oil use is growing in popularity (as evidenced by many companies coming out of the blue selling essential oils in addition to their other wares) it is important to know that there is a scientific backdrop to what essential oils can do.

Essential oils are made up of chemical compounds. Their chemical makeup is influenced by a number of factors, but overall if you are ordering from a reputable company when you order spearmint, you’ll receive an oil that is chemically nearly identical to the spearmint you ordered from the same company last month.

This creates fascinating results — because they are consistent!

Doctors know that drugs are identical in chemical structure so they know that when they prescribe something, it should have the same effect that it did the last time they prescribed it.

You should expect to enjoy a similar experience with the use of high-quality essential oils. You can know that when you reach for spearmint and put it in the diffuser, you’ll benefit just as you have with previous uses. You’ll smell the same soft minty scent and feel uplifted, motivated and cleansed. Because the oils come from nature, they do vary slightly from season to season, depending on how moist or dry the soil is, how much sun they get, etc. But in general, if you are mindful of purchasing high quality, you’ll be able to experience the same benefits over and over again.

However, using essential oils is an art as well as a science. Even though the essential oils remain the same, you may change. You may find that at first, you aren’t in love with the smell of spearmint, but the more that you use it and you experience the uplifting effect that it has on your mood, your body can actually learn to appreciate it.

You may find that blending other essential oils with spearmint creates an atmosphere of calm that you absolutely love. You might even find yourself reaching for that bottle of spearmint naturally as if your body is aware of what it needs at the moment. 

Aromatherapy Highlight: Spearmint

  • Alleviates stress
  • Stimulates brain function
  • Gives you a breath of “fresh air” figuratively, but also literally it can help with respiratory function
  • Brings a sense of calm to the bodily systems as well as to an overstimulated mind
  • Has only a small percentage of menthol, making it a lighter mint
  • May be less sensitizing and better for children and those with sensitivities, a “softer” scent
  • Got something bugging you? Spearmint clears away the bugs — both metaphorically and literally — it repels bugs!


If you find yourself stressed or unable to focus, try a few drops of spearmint with your aromatherapy scarf or in a bath, and take a moment to breathe it in and allow the essential oil to relax you.


What do you think of essential oils growing popularity? Do you use essential oils? If so, which ones are your favorites and how do you like to use them? If not, what keeps you from trying them? What is your favorite oil brand? What else would you like to know about essential oils and aromatherapy? Let me know in the comments below.


Article written by Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson has her masters in family therapy and an undergraduate degree in psychology. She was introduced to the world of essential oils over two years ago. Since then, her health has immensely improved. She’s now passionate about continuing to educate herself and sharing with others about the many benefits of high quality essential oils.

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