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How Living Simply Means Living Happily

There’s no double that our everyday lives are hectic sometimes. We run around trying to keep up with everything and everyone, and sometimes the things we love most in our lives get pushed to the side. At some point though, it might be best to take a step back and examine things, reflecting on how you can “declutter” your life. And by “declutter,” we mean simplifying and getting back to prioritizing the little things that matter most to you. By simplifying life, you can help with thinking clearly and detox from stress, anxiety and depression. While we cannot just put our lives on hold, simplification will help us get back to a healthy balance.

To simplify our lives is a journey, and it takes a lot of work, but in the end it is rewarding. Research conducted by Tim Kasser and his colleagues found that happiness is often undermined by valuing materialistic things, and that simplification can ultimately lead you into happiness.

What’s so difficult about simplifying your life? According to an article written by Allegiance Health, the idea of getting back to basics might be difficult because “it implies you have to give up something.” But the reward in the end is more time, freedom, self-expression, and to live with a better mental health, clarity and meaning.

The less distractions and chaos you endure, the more time you’ll be spending on yourself and the things you love. Destini Louangboriboune, a Self Care Club Advocate, ensures that “Even though life can be a bit of a mess, it’s all about taking small steps to ensure myself everything’s going to be okay.”

We’ve gathered some tips to finding a simplified life:

Make a list of your top four or five most important things.

These are the things that you love and value most. Things that give you the greatest joy. What can you absolutely not live without? By creating this list you see what things you want to make time for.

Tip gathered from Zen Habits.

Cut down on transitions.

If your day is full of various activities that requires transitioning your energy, it can seem quite overwhelming. There are ways to pair your activities together, like running errands and exercising or making time for meditation and reading a book, that pairs the same level of energy required together. This may sound weird, but it will help cut down on the number of transitions you will have to make in a day.

Tip gathered from Psychology Today.

Figure out what’s causing you the most stress.

By tracking your stress level, you can find the sources of your stress during the day. After pinpointing these activities, it may be necessary to step away from these activities or develop a game plan that will help you accomplish the task. Either way, putting your body through stress can often add anxiety and unneeded noise to your life.

Tip from United Healthcare.

Making yourself and your mental health the priority.

This is probably the most important tip when reflecting on how you can simplify your life. If you focus on the things that make you happy and feel good, ultimately, these positive pursuits will lead you to a happier, more fulfilled life. As for the things that create negativity, consider removing them. These negative things might be a change in employment, a negative relationship, or even the amount of time you spend watching Netflix. By cutting down on these negative distractions, you’ll be well on your way to feeling free and not as weighed down.

Tip from Elite Daily.

It’s through this self-examination and simplification process that you will find yourself enjoying your day more and finding a healthy balance of work, relationship, hobbies and whatever else fills your life. The question you should always ask yourself is: Will this simplify my life? If not, consider removing it from your daily life. You’ll thank yourself later.

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