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How Physical and Mental Health Impact Our Overall Well-Being

The conversation surrounding positive body image today is a vast improvement from where it was a few years ago. People are getting more inspired to love themselves and how they look no matter what their body shapes or physical attributions. More and more people are joining the fitness coalition and creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

However, what about mental health? Today we address how mental health impacts our overall health. Have you ever wondered how mental health affects your body? According to, people who struggle with mental health issues are twice as likely to die of heart disease and four times as likely to die from respiratory disease.

So shouldn’t we be more cognitive of nourishing our minds, not just our bodies? Roy White, a licensed marriage and family therapist, believes “that mental health is something that some people take for granted. And something that we would not attend to as we would our physical health... If we disregarded our physical health the way we disregard our mental health, sometimes what kind of shape would we be in.”

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 60 percent of adults who face mental health disorders go untreated.


Roy added, “If I had a physical wound, a gashed and bleeding wound, somewhere in my body and I didn’t tend to this physical wound, it would fester. I would get sicker and may even lose a limb… Those wounds need attention and those wounds need nurturing. And it is important for all of us, each and every one of us, to attend to our mental needs.”


With the evolving positive body image, there should be an evolving positive light on mental health as well. It is okay to take care of yourself, in every aspect of your well-being

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