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La la la Lavender + Announcement!


Therapy Threads has an exciting announcement! There are going to be 4 essential oil scent options offered with the purchase of a therapy thread scarf. These four oils have been carefully chosen for their aromatic properties. The four are:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Peppermint


There are so many benefits of diffusing them via the aromatherapy scarves, but here are just a few to get started. We’ll start with Lavender. There are probably a million benefits of diffusing lavender essential oil, but I’ll narrow it down to four.

  1. The first is that it is a very calming scent. This is why lavender is often used in baby products. It just has a naturally calming and quieting scent. It is very helpful to quiet the mind.
  2. In addition, it has been named the oil of communication- probably because of it’s calming properties! When we are calm we communicate better because we aren’t worried about making our point or sounding smart or being right, we are able to really listen, engage, and return thoughtful communication. (Hint: wear a therapy threads scarf with lavender before going into a stressful meeting. Breathe it in right before and anytime you get stressed- see what a difference this makes!)
  3. It aids in rest- if you need a quick power nap or you are trying to take a snooze on a plane, drop a couple of drops on your aroma pad and place it in your scarf before take-off. Take deep breaths of it to help you to relax and rest.
  4. Finally, lavender is a wonderful scent to use rather than chemical-laden perfumes. It is much safer and healthier to breathe in and you will be a calming presence to those around you!

Lavender causes some interesting reactions for people. Some people are really drawn to it and some people really aren’t. In fact, when I first smelled it I didn’t like it AT ALL. So I started by adding one drop of lavender and one drop of another essential oil to my diffuser until I slowly grew to like lavender. It has been said that if you are repulsed by an essential oil, it might be because of the emotional qualities of that essential oil.

That was definitely the case for lavender and I. I am not the best communicator, but the more I use lavender (breathe it in, allow it to calm me, and use it to clear my thoughts) the better I get at communicating! Obviously I have to be conscious and do the work as well, but the lavender really helps to put me in the right mindset.


Kids Corner

If you are a momma and new to learning about essential oils, please go slowly! Pay attention to how your kiddos react to the oils as they encounter them through you. (So, if you’re wearing a lavender scarf as you rock them to sleep, does that help them? Do they calm more quickly? Pay attention to how they react when you’re wearing your therapy threads scarf first). Do you have an encouraging story to share? Post in the comments below!

Next up- we’ll learn about the 3 other essential oils Therapy Threads has chosen to include with the purchase of a scarf. Stay tuned to learn about Lemon, Wild Orange, and Peppermint!


Now I would love to hear from you.  

Now that you’ve learned more about Lavender, how will YOU use it today? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you in advance for reading, commenting and sharing with love, compassion and kindness. You help make our cozy corner of the world wide web an awesome place!

Sending love and healing


Article written by Molly Johnson

Molly Johnson has her masters in family therapy and an undergraduate degree in psychology. She was introduced to the world of essential oils over two years ago. Since then, her health has immensely improved. She’s now passionate about continuing to educate herself and sharing with others about the many benefits of high quality essential oils.





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