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Marisa Martinez Becomes Newest Self Care Club Member

We’ve officially kicked off our Therapy Threads Self Care Club! Our team is growing daily with strong and inspirational men and women who’ve found the courage to speak up about mental health and therapy. We’re starting off this week with our Self Care Club blog series, where you’ll get to read and watch these advocates share their personal stories and goals. We hope that through sharing these stories, it will help some of you out there find comfort and come to the realization that you’re never alone. There are millions of people who are behind you!

Every one in five American adults experiences some sort of mental illness. In fact, one-half of all mental illnesses start by the age of 14, and about three-quarters by the age of 24, according to NAMI. The population experiencing a mental health condition comes in a range of ages and races. Here are some quick statistics:

  • About 19 percent of white adults are experiencing a mental health condition.
  • About 18.6 percent of black adults are experiencing a mental health condition.
  • About 16.3 percent of hispanic adults live with a mental health condition.

Marisa Martinez

Marisa Martinez, our newest Self Care Club member, recently detailed her process for managing her mental health and wellbeing. “I want to get involved with being an advocate for therapy because I have personally dealt with depression and anxiety throughout my life,” said Martinez. In her video interview with Therapy Threads, she expresses the importance of standing up to the stigma.

“Being someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety, it is hard to open up to people a lot of the time. It is hard to try and get people to understand your feelings and sometimes it feels like they don’t really want to try to understand or people have made me feel weird about having depression and anxiety.” She continued by detailing why it’s common for some people to not know exactly how to react to mental health conditions. “Some people treat you different for sure. Just because you struggle differently than other people, doesn’t make you any different than everyone else in the world.”

If there’s one key takeaway from Marisa’s testimony, it’s that the process of seeking treatment for your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. “I see a therapist. That definitely helps me. Just talking about your feelings and getting it out. Sometimes it is even awkward just talking to even maybe your family about it.” Along with seeing a therapist, Marisa has changed her mindset and knows that things do get better and really believing and wanting them to get better has helped her overcome the effects of depression and anxiety.

Self Care Club members have goals and missions that are making waves in the community about mental health. Marisa’s ultimate goal, as far as Therapy Threads is concerned, is seeing people react and communicate back with the company. “It’s just little things. Little things like that really go a long way and I think it would be awesome just anyway to help people overcome their stress or anything really.”

To that end, she’s already experienced a ripple effect by wearing aromatherapy products. “The most rewarding part of advocating for Therapy Threads is really when I am out and about and I am wearing my mala beads. People are like ‘oh my gosh where did you get those’ and I tell them all about Therapy Threads.”

Her strongest message for the community and for those struggling with mental health is, “to know that it’s okay to admit when you are not okay. Trust me I have been there, it has taken me a long time to actually put my feelings out there and talk about it. But, it does get better.”

The goal of Self Care Club is to build a family-like atmosphere, to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and with their own challenges and obstacles in life.

“Just being close with Dani and what she’s doing with Therapy Threads, it’s awesome. Just because she understands. I can relate to her and we can relate to each other because of that.”

If you would like to join our Self Care Club, fill out an application and share your story with us at Therapy Threads.

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