Massage Amani and Spa Partners with Self Care Club

Massage Amani and Spa and Self Care Club are now official partners! That’s great news for Self Care Club members, because members get an exclusive 15 percent discount on all massage services at Massage Amani and Spa in downtown Overland Park. Monique Waters LMT is the owner, who you may have met at a Self Care Club event giving chair massages. If you’ve been lucky enough to get one of her massages, or from one of her employees, then you know Massage Amani and Spa is one of the best around Kansas City. If not, read some of the reviews - they’re all highly rated - then go book a massage for yourself!

The name “Amani” was chosen because it means peace and tranquility in Swahili, and means desires, aspirations, and wishes in Arabic. These meanings correlate with Monique’s vision of creating inner peace and reaching one’s full potential in both health and life. She and her team believe in treating the mind, body, and spirit as one entity, in order to obtain complete health, happiness and oneness with our bodies. We wanted to partner with Massage Amani and Spa not just because of the quality of services offered, but also because we share this mission of being your best self and obtaining optimal health and wellness through self-care. A big part of this mission involves helping others attain this as well, which we're tackling together as partners.

Monique’s background makes her an excellent massage therapist to trust when it comes to caring for your body. She studied cell biology at KU before attending the Wellspring School of Allied Health to become a licensed massage therapist. It allowed her to study the mind body connection of how the body works, moves, and has the innate capability to heal itself. There are many benefits of massage therapy, and providing these services allow Monique and her massage therapists to help others care for and preserve their bodies through a holistic approach.

Available Services:

Massage Therapy Services include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Pre-natal, Sports Massage, Couples Massage, Energy Work, Chakra Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Integrative Massage, and Chair Massage. Certain services, such as chair massages, are available for the workplace or events.

How to access your Self Care Club discount at Massage Amani and Spa:

When you join the Self Care Club private Facebook group or sign up on www.selfcareclub.com (it’s free!), you’re eligible to receive discounts from our official partners. Be sure to mention your 15 percent Self Care Club discount (on massage services) when booking your appointment at Massage Amani and Spa. Upon payment for services, simply use your phone to show that you’re a member in the private Facebook group, or pull up your welcome email to show that you are a Self Care Club member. 

Massage Amani and Spa Contact Information:

Address: 7313 W 79th St, Overland Park, KS 66204

Number: (816) 210-2934

Website: http://massageamani.com/

Now we would love to hear from you.  

Now that you’ve learned more about Massage Amani and Spa and know how to get your Self Care Club membership discount, what service will you try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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