Meet Self Care Club's new partner, Becca McConville, Registered Dietician

We are excited to introduce Becca McConville, Registered Dietician as a new addition to our Self Care Club partners! Becca is a former athlete who now specializes in sports nutrition along with eating disorders. What makes Becca’s approach to eating disorders so unique is that she helps get to the root of the problem. Her Overland Park office is comprised of dietitians and therapists who also specialize in eating disorders, and often share patients. Combining her dietician services with therapy enables patients to make major improvements with their eating disorders, with the likelihood of a full recovery. Self Care Club members receive a 20 percent discount on all of Becca’s services, so be sure to mention your membership when booking your appointment with her.

“As a dietitian my role is to listen, observe, reflect and then walk beside you. Basically be your biggest cheerleader!” - Becca McConville, R.D.

As a non-diet dietitian, Becca’s goal is to help others explore and strengthen their relationship with food, weight, body image, and sports performance — helping to find a place where these can mutually co-exist and thrive with enjoyment. Becca personally struggled for years as to what this relationship should look like, and finally decided to come to peace that this is always an evolving process.

She firmly believes in addressing our health holistically -- mind & body -- which is why we are both so excited for Becca’s partnership with Self Care Club. Check out Becca’s website to learn more about the services and resources she provides, including blogs on topics ranging from parenthood to tips on making a grocery game plan.

Contact Becca:

Phone: (816) 804-6599
Email: askme@beccamcconville.com
Website: www.beccamcconville.com
Address: 8400 W. 110th Street, suite 610, OP, KS 66210

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