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Welcome to our cozy little corner on the World Wide Web. My name is Dani Singer, and I am a psychotherapist, life coach, and founder of Therapy Threads. I wanted to design a space to introduce you to Therapy Threads and talk about the things I’m most passionate about, such as wellness, mental health prevention, relationships, and breaking down the barriers of seeking therapy, and more. This is a place of personal development, inspiration, holistic healing, and to enhance well-being.’

Scarves with a mission, aroma and style. Each one touched with aromatherapy as a reminder of healing and caring.

Therapy Threads is a contemporary, progressive, scarf line founded by psychotherapist Dani Singer.  Therapy Threads, named for both Dani’s passionate work of providing Therapy, and the Threads that connect it all together, is the heart-and-soul of a young woman who opted to use unprecedented aromatherapy fashion as part of the healing and awareness process for mental health and well-being.

These scarves combine all-natural luxurious fabrics and aromatherapy scents to comfort you like a warm hug, while adding unique, feel-good style to any outfit. With the goal to create conversations around health, wellness, and mental health and ultimately break down the stigmas. Our goal is to send the message of not allowing your struggles to define you; let them refine you.

Everybody Has a Story

Perhaps you’ve experienced health, wellness or mental health issues first-hand.  Maybe you’re a brother, sister, mother, best friend, or partner of someone who is struggling.

You might not be ready to share your story. And that’s okay.

You might not feel that you can relate. That’s okay too. 

We’re all at different pages in our journey. Some of us are ready to stand up on that soap box and advocate for a different world. Some of us are trying to work up the courage to start that first conversation with a loved one. Regardless of where you are at, the biggest message I want you to take away is you are not alone.

Until then, don’t beat yourself up. You are perfect and divine as you are.  You are where you’re meant to be right now on your unique journey. 

This is a space for all of us to come together and talk about the things that matter most, for us to thrive and not let our struggles define us, but let them refine us. 



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