Orange ya glad we love Wild Orange?

Last time we announced that therapy threads now offers 4 amazing essential oils. We already covered Lavender, and now we’re going to take a deeper look at one of the other oils Therapy Threads offers- WILD ORANGE.

Mmmmm. It smells so amazing. Each essential oil has unique properties and special chemical constituents that metabolize in our system differently.

Wild Orange essential oil lifts us up. 

Have you ever felt the principle of scarcity? The principle of scarcity says that there’s not enough _______ (fill in the blank) to go around.

Not enough money.

Not enough love.

Not enough food.

Not enough resources.

Not enough customers.

Not enough energy.


Man, I got down just typing that out. That’s a tough place to live in your thoughts! 

Wild Orange can help release those thoughts from your mind so that you’re able to embrace the truth that there is enough– in fact, there is more than enough.

There is an abundance of love. There is an abundance of money. There is an abundance of food. There is an abundance of resources. Not only is there an abundance, but by sharing you can increase the abundance. Sometimes we mistakenly think that sharing will make us have less, when really, it just increases the abundance! Through the way that you interact with others you can increase the love in their lives. Through sharing your resources you can increase the wealth around you. By sharing a meal with a friend you can multiply the joy that comes from eating. 

Can you see the opportunity for abundance in your life? Use Wild Orange to help you lift your mood and look for the possibilities of abundance.

If you’re reading this blog- chances are that you are blessed in ways you might not even think about. Take a moment now to breathe in Wild Orange and express your gratitude for the world around you. 

No really- go grab your Wild Orange. Put a drop or two on your aroma pad, put it in your scarf and surround yourself with the abundance of the scent. We’ll wait. I’m breathing mine in now and it’s so refreshing.

Got it? Okay now breathe it in!

Express your gratitude for abundance and the way it is showing up in your life right now. Even if you can’t feel it, recognize what’s there. Often the feelings will follow the acknowledgment.


The Children’s Corner

A great way to get your daily dose is by cleaning with Wild Orange! It smells absolutely amazing and has wonderful cleansing properties without all the chemical yucky side effects. If you make a DIY cleaning spray with Wild Orange, spray your children’s toys and invite them to wipe them off with a dry washcloth. In addition to uplifting their spirits, it will help your child recognize the abundance of their lives as well! Talk about how grateful we can be for the things we are blessed with and ask your child to share which toy is their favorite and why. (Please make sure the cleaning solution is well-diluted. Wild Orange is a citrus oil and could destroy plastic if exposed over a long period of time, examples are listed in the references section.)



Article written by Molly Johnson

Molly Johnson has her masters in family therapy and an undergraduate degree in psychology. She was introduced to the world of essential oils over two years ago. Since then, her health has immensely improved. She’s now passionate about continuing to educate herself and sharing with others about the many benefits of high quality essential oils.




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