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Therapy Thread’s Self Care Club Member Spotlight: Brooke

We’re so pleased to have mental health advocate Brooke in the Self Care Club!

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As our Self Care Club grows, we’re continuously inspired and amazed by the strength of our members. Our newest member, Brooke, is no stranger to mental health. In fact, she’s a mental health professional! Through her own experience and expertise, she hopes to spread awareness of mental health and self love.


Brooke grew up in a household where her parents were in constant turmoil. She witnessed and experienced verbal abuse. “Verbal abuse was especially difficult because the scars are lasting and the words are damaging,” said Brooke.


She eventually began to heal, but as she went through graduate school, she recalls being overwhelmed and lonely despite a large support system. She suffered from suicidal ideation and began attending therapy, while working to become a therapist herself.


“As a budding professional in the mental health field, I was questioned about my ability to provide mental health care for others. I am a strong believer that we have experiences in which we are meant to grow and learn so that we are able to feel empathetic towards others and connect with them on a deeper level,” said Brooke. “I was able to work through that difficult time and regain the confidence and purpose in life that I desired yet was sadly missing. I am now working towards my licensure and feel confident in my abilities to provide humanistic therapy.”


Throughout her journey, Brooke has learned to practice her self care through playing soccer, reading books or taking a bath. She also stresses the importance of positive self talk, which can be uncomfortable at first. She said, “I have strived to have a positive inner dialogue with myself to help combat any nastiness I hear, feel or see during the day.”

A true advocate, she hopes to “encourage anyone going through difficult times to be good to themselves, remember their worth and what they deserve and to surround themselves with people and things that they love and feel love from in return. When we experience pain it may seem that things will never get better, but it’s important to take things day by day and step by step with your happiness and well being as the ultimate goal.”


Brooke is learning to be her best self, while also sharing her passion and empathy to help those in her community. We’re so beyond proud of her journey, her advocacy and most importantly, her self love.

If you would like to join our Self Care Club, fill out an application and share your story with us at Therapy Threads.


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