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Tr1be Fitness In Lenexa Teams Up With Self Care Club


Tr1be Fitness (One Tribe Fitness) and Self Care Club have formed a partnership that will benefit both of us in our mission to help people take care of themselves and feel their best. Tr1be Fitness takes a dynamic approach to physical health. This starts with Les Mills classes, which are science-based group fitness classes designed to transform the body inside and out through exercise that involves cardio, strength, low-impact, toning, and mind body. In addition to these classes, Tr1be also offers personal training, small group training, virtual coaching and personal training, working with a registered dietician, and monthly challenges that measure your success outside of just pounds or inches lost. Self Care Club members receive special perks to get in on the action at Tr1be Fitness.

How to access your Self Care Club discount at Tr1be Fitness:

The point of our partnership is to make self-care more accessible to Self Care Club members. No matter where you are in your self-care journey, Tr1be Fitness can help you if you’re a beginner or a competitive athlete. When you join the Self Care Club private Facebook group or sign up on (it’s free!), you’re eligible to receive discounts from our official partners. Simply use your phone to show that you’re a member in the private group, or pull up your welcome email to show that you are a Self Care Club member.

Here are the discounts you receive from Tr1be Fitness:
- Monthly unlimited classes for $75/month ($25 discount and no contract required)
- 20 percent discount on merchandise and challenges
- $10 per class ($5 discount)

Tr1be Fitness members seem to agree they have a fitness family at Tr1be. They truly enjoy their workout classes and have fun, but also have a support system from owners and instructors Katherine and Dawn, along with the other members. The reason Self Care Club chose to partner with Tr1be Fitness is not just that physical exercise is an important component to self-care, but they offer a unique approach to exercise. One that’s focused on body positivity and improving overall health. They stress the importance of working out and eating right for the many benefits that go beyond appearance and a number on the scale, including how it makes you feel, makes you stronger, and improves your mental health and physical health. Plus, you can participate in classes or training even if you’re not in shape yet, regardless of age, or if you have certain physical limitations. Tr1be’s workout facility is also intimidation free, full of positive energy, and helps everyone feel comfortable to just be YOU! They believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and their goal is to help you find your way there!

Intuitive exercise is also part of their method. This means moving and exercising in a way that feels right to you. It varies by person and has a lot to do with enjoying the exercise you do, not pushing yourself too hard or too fast, and tailoring exercises to work with your physical needs. For example, if you have knee problems or bad feet, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercises can be painful. At Tr1be Fitness, however, stationary HIIT exercises are part of some classes and allows people with these physical limitations to be able to participate without experiencing pain.

The owners and instructors, Katherine and Dawn, are two inspiring women. They not only make a difference with members of their gym but are also bringing awareness and education to the medical community. Learn more about their personal experience, which involves great strides in their own self-care that plays into the way things are done at Tr1be Fitness.

The following LES MILLS classes are offered:
- BODYSTEP Athletic

The following virtual LES MILLS classes are available when you sign up in advance:

View the class schedule here or call (816) 255-8779 to inquire about personal / group training or meeting with their registered dietician. Tr1be Fitness is located in Lenexa, KS at 10084 Woodland Road.

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