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Fluorite Gemstone

Fluorite Gemstone

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Spiritual healing properties of fluorite are all about harmony and balance. Its properties enhance the ability to understand the universe and enhance intuitive understanding. 

In the Home: Green fluorite crystals impart wood energy in Feng Shui. This green mineral rock encourages new beginnings, growth, health and vitality. Place it in the east or southeast of either an individual room or in the home. Green fluorite gemstones are especially useful in the kitchen, an area where you are beginning a new project.

For Meditation: Emotionally, Fluorite helps you resolve problems and differences with objectivity and compassion. It can bring difficult or overwhelming feelings from past situations to the front of the mind gently for you to examine, consider and put into perspective so that you can heal and move forward in life.

  • Fluorite crystal pyramids are especially helpful in meditation. You can place the fluorite on an altar or table so it sits at eye level or hold it up to gaze at it
  • Hold a piece of fluorite in one hand while meditating
  • Green fluorite is excellent for the heart chakra. Place directly over the heart chakra - wonderfully refreshing, like taking a deep, cleansing breath after a spring rain.

Physical Benefits: Fluorite healing properties bring balance and harmony to the body and facilitate health in all areas of the body.

  • Utilized at the first sign of infection, it can help with recovery from viral infections, stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation

Cleanse your fluorite crystals regularly but be careful. You can hold them under tepid running water for a few minutes; however, the safest way to cleanse fluorite is to place in rice for 24 hours. They can be charged in direct sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes but do not expose to excessive heat or leave them in the sunlight for more than 10 to 15 minutes. The lovely, vibrant fluorite color could fade.

Size: About 1 pound; 3" long; 2.5" wide x 2.5" high 

Source: thehealingchest.com

Note: due to crystals being a natural, raw product, they will vary in shape, size and color from the photo shown.