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Reusable Aroma Pads (3)
Reusable Aroma Pads (3)

Reusable Aroma Pads (3)

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Time to freshen the aroma pad in your favorite Therapy Threads scarf? Simply pick up a pack of 3 aroma pads so you have back-ups handy any time you need them.

These little pads absorb the essential oils to ensure they are infused into the scarf, which allows you to benefit from the oils' healing properties each time you wear your favorite accessory. Depending on strength of application, the aromatherapy will last 12+ hours.

Apply the aromatherapy scent of your liking, and even swap out scents on occasion to ensure your scarf adapts to your changing needs!

Aroma pads can be used with various essential oils; no need to stick to only one oil per pad. Re-apply oils and swap pads out as needed.


  • Apply 2-5 drops of essential oils onto aroma pad
  • Place pad into pocket located on the outer lining of the scarf and carefully tuck away
  • Enjoy the soothing and healing scents of the oils throughout your day
  • Re-apply drops of essential oil as needed

Each purchase helps support NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)