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No More Bully S#*t T-Shirt (PRE-ORDER NOW)
No More Bully S#*t T-Shirt (PRE-ORDER NOW)

No More Bully S#*t T-Shirt (PRE-ORDER NOW)

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PRE-ORDER PRODUCT! Orders must be placed by Monday, 7/15 and you'll receive your shirt hot off the press by August 12th (4-week processing time). This product is available for a limited time only - 50% of proceeds benefit the  Missouri Pit Bull Rescue. Unisex sizing.

We hate all types of stigma, including that associated with Pit Bulls! They are an incredibly misunderstood breed. Many pit bulls are fun-loving and exhibit characteristics of loyalty, gentleness, affection and make wonderful emotional support and therapy dogs. The problem posed by the stigma associated with pit bulls is the difficulty in getting these animals adopted. Even when a good family wants to adopt a pit bull, they must comply with policies in the area where they reside. With so many restrictions, many pit bulls are without a home. 

To help end pit bull stigma, our founder Dani Ashley supports Missouri Pit Bull Rescue by donating 50% of proceeds from the sale of this shirt. Read more at our blog:

    100% ringspun cotton
    Made and printed in the USA

    50% of proceeds from each purchase support the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue.