About Therapy Threads

Therapy Threads is a contemporary, progressive scarf line founded by psychotherapist Dani Singer.

Named for both Dani’s passionate work of providing mental health therapy and the many threads that come together to make healing and wellness possible, it is the heart and soul of a young woman looking to combine “scents of style and purpose.” Her unprecedented aromatherapy fashion scarves offer those who can benefit from the value of aromatherapy to incorporate the healing properties of essential oils into their everyday lives through fashion accessories. The patent-pending design lends itself to all-day comfort and simple scent changes as needed along one's wellness journey. 



Therapy Threads cares.

Therapy Threads is a conscious clothing line that cares. We're committed to creating conversations around mental health and wellness that contribute to ending the stigma of mental illness one thread at a time.


Our fashion scarves are infused with a touch of healing. Our scarves are designed to help you feel grounded, connected and empowered to share your story. Experience the benefits of your favorite essential oils anytime.


Committed to WellnessBecause our brand is about more than fashion. With every purchase made, we give back. We partner with local and national organizations, speak to audiences about mental health, and participate in various other events that work to build a healthier community.