About Therapy Threads

Wearable aromatherapy accessories founded by psychotherapist Dani Ashley.

Therapy Threads is more than a retail store. It’s wearable therapy for those who prioritize their mental and physical wellbeing through the practice of self-care. Named for both Dani’s passionate work of providing mental health therapy and the many threads that come together to make healing and wellness possible, it is the heart and soul of a young woman looking to combine “scents of style and purpose.” Her unprecedented Aromatherapy Scarves (patent pending) and artisan-made Aromatherapy Jewelry offer the healing benefits of essential oil - designed to absorb and diffuse essential oil throughout the day providing portable self-care for up to 12 hours.

Giving Back. Therapy Threads digs deeper than just wellness. With 10% of all proceeds going to mental health organizations and a dedicated community promoting mental health, Therapy Threads is becoming a community and resource to help heal and inspire those who have mental health issues or are advocates for it. We partner with local and national organizations, speak to audiences about mental health, and participate in various events that work to build a healthier community. To date, Dani has donated approximately $100,000 to mental health organizations.


A Self-Care Community.

Therapy Threads is committed to creating conversations around mental health and wellness that contribute to ending the stigma of mental illness. The Self Care Club is an online (and local in Kansas City) community of amazing individuals who have come together to provide support, encouragement, resources, and discounts on self-care related businesses. Join for free today.