For thousands of years, individuals have used essential oils for cosmetic purposes, as well as for the spiritual and emotional benefits associated with them. At Therapy Threads, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to total mind and body wellness by considering the healing properties of these oils, in addition to other methods needed depending on each individual’s unique situation.

Primarily extracted through careful steam distillation but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted. While specific essential oils can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, incorporated into massage or taken internally, we use them to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental health and offer customers the opportunity to feel better while looking beautiful.

Select the Scent that Works for You

how to use essential oils  Each of our scarves comes with an aroma pad and a ¼ dram of the essential oil of your choice. Choose from one of the following powerful essential oils below. Have a preferred essential oil you'd like to see available from Therapy Threads not shown above? Email with your suggestions. Keep in mind that our luxurious scarves are compatible with any essential oil from any of your favorite brands. To experience the benefits of your preferred essential oil all day long, start shopping!

Energizing and Revitalizing

Cold-pressed from orange rinds, Orange is excellent for helping you experience peace, harmony and a sense of revitalization. It is known for its wonderful citrusy aroma and ability to lift one’s mood and generate pleasant thoughts.

Powerful cleanser and purifying agent. Protects against environmental threats. Immune-enhancing benefits. Revitalizing to the mind and body.


Reduces Anxiety, Relaxing

Extracted mostly from the flowers of the lavender plant primarily through steam distillation, lavender has been a popular aromatherapy scent for centuries. It’s widely used to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, and promote restfulness.

Soothes occasional skin irritations. Helps skin recovery quickly. Eases muscle tension in the head and neck

Invigorating and Peaceful

One of the best-selling favorites among essential oil brands and one of the world’s oldest medicines, peppermint is a natural energizer that is instantly recognizable by users. It can be used to promote a wide variety of health benefits.

Promotes healthy respiratory function. Reduces hunger cravings, nausea and headaches. Alleviates the occasional upset stomach. 

Uplifting and energizing

Known as one of the most versatile scents available, lemon is consistently a top-selling essential oil. It is a powerful cleansing agent that purifies the air, in addition to providing a refreshing and healthy mood boost throughout the day.

Naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion. Supports healthy respiratory function. Promotes positive mood and energy