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Call 1-800-273-8255  - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Overland Park

Katie Holtz, LCMFT

8575 w. 110th st. # 225

Overland Park, KS 66210

(620) 474-9203

Addiction, co occurring disorders (16+)

Cost: $80-$110/session


Rachael Brown, MA, LPC

Clinical Associates

8629 Bluejacket

(913) 677-3553

DBT/EMDR, trauma

Cost: $50/session (sliding fee scale)*

Erin Kincannon

Clinical Associates

8629 Bluejacket

(913) 677-3553

Adolescents, teens,

Cost: $65-85 (sliding fee scale)*

Joe Wilner, LCP

Clinical Associates

8629 Bluejacket

(913) 677-3553

Adolescents, anxiety, mood disorders, life coaching

Cost: $70-100/session (sliding fee scale)*


Roy M. White II, LCMFT

(913) 735-4638

Couples and teens

Cost: $65/session (sliding fee scale)*

Prairie Village

Dr. Tracy Daniel, PhD, RYT-200

Mindful Child Wellness

8016 State Line Rd. #206

Leawood, Kansas 66208

Mindfulness aerial yoga sessions for kids to help with depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and improving focus

Cost: $55-110/session

Resolve Counseling

8340 Mission Rd #230

Prairie Village, KS 66206

(913) 246-5915

Interns at Resolve Counseling

Mild-Moderate depression, anxiety, accountability

Cost: $30-50/session (sliding fee scale)*

Katrina Stoddard, LCMFT

(816) 287-0121

Trauma/EMDR, Couples, Children

Cost: $100/session

James McMillian, LCPC

(913) 583-0116

Trauma/EMDR, Grief/Loss, Couples

Cost: $125/session

Kristin Fuciu, LCPC

(913) 565-2371

Trauma/EMDR, Grief/Loss, Couples

Cost: $125/session

Blue Springs

Rachael Brown, MA, LPC

1942 NW Copper Oaks Circle

(816) 945-2448

DBT/EMDR, trauma

Cost: $50/session (sliding fee scale)*
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