Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Looking to replenish your supply of essentials oils? Or maybe you're interested in purchasing an oil that isn't currently available on our site. Regardless, we can help!

Therapy Threads founder Dani Singer is a wellness advocate for one of the largest and most reputable essential oil brands on the market. Simply use the button below to access her inventory of essential oils. Reap the benefits of the oils' healing properties each time you wear your favorite accessory.

Any variety and brand of essential oil can be used with our aroma pads; no need to stick to only one oil per pad. Re-apply oils and swap pads out as needed.


  • Apply 2-3 drops of essential oils onto aroma pad
  • Place pad into pocket located on the outer lining of the scarf and carefully tuck away
  • Enjoy the soothing and healing scents of the oils throughout your day
  • Re-apply drops of essential oil as needed