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Men's Aromatherapy Wood, Lapis & Ironstone Bracelet

Men's Aromatherapy Wood, Lapis & Ironstone Bracelet

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Indulge in the healing properties of aromatherapy essential oil throughout your day.

Each bracelet includes 1/4 dram of pure, 100% certified organic Vitruvi lavender essential oil. 


    • Apply 2-3 drops of essential oils onto wood and stone beads.
    • Rub gentle up and down on the skin until oil is spread throughout.
    • Enjoy the soothing and healing scents of the oils throughout your day. 
    • Depending on the strength of your oil and how many drops you apply, the bracelet will diffuse oil for up to 14 hours. 
    • Re-apply as needed and feel free to layer a different oil right on top. Compatible with all brands of essential oils. Check your oil quality is safe to place full strength on your skin before using or dilute with a carrier oil.