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Rose Quartz Nugget or Point
Rose Quartz Nugget or Point

Rose Quartz Nugget or Point

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Rose quartz is the semi-precious gem of love. Rose quartz vibrations reach deep within the body to dispel feelings of despair associated with death and bring out feelings of happiness and longevity. Rose quartz powers discourage feelings of anger, fear, resentment and suspicion, opening the body to healing light. 

  • Place a rose quartz rocks or carvings throughout the home, especially in areas often used for meditation and prayer
  • Hold a rose quartz stone or carving in one hand while meditating or praying
  • Place a rose quartz rock or statuette in the bedroom to enjoy the warm, nurturing vibrations while sleeping.

For Meditation: Rose quartz properties are extremely useful in meditation. Vibrations given off by the pink quartz stones impart a warm, calm energy. Meditation with rose quartz crystals or gemstones make it easy to release negative feelings. Anger, fear, jealousy and resentment fade quickly away, leaving behind a sense of peace. Releasing these negative feelings is a very important part of a healthy, successful meditation session.

Physical Benefits:

  • Relieve stress derived from strong love or extreme grief can be calmed with rose quartz benefits
  • Encourage the body to release excess fluids and impurities
  • Rose quartz properties reduce stress and tension
  • Can help to stabilize an irregular heart beat
  • Place a rose quartz gemstone on the thymus at the center of the chest to relieve coughing and congestion

Size: About 1" long x 1" wide  


Note: due to crystal stones being a natural, raw product, they will vary in shape, size and color from the photo shown.