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Aroma-Diffuser Bracelets (Sexual Assault Prevention)
Aroma-Diffuser Bracelets (Sexual Assault Prevention)
Aroma-Diffuser Bracelets (Sexual Assault Prevention)

Aroma-Diffuser Bracelets (Sexual Assault Prevention)

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Stretchy wooden bead bracelets soak up all the goodness of your favorite essential oils. The teal symbolizes Sexual Assault awareness and prevention (read more below).

Indulge in the healing properties of aromatherapy by putting 2-3 drops of essential oil on the wood beads and rubbing it in. Inhale the healing benefits of your essential oil of choice for up to 14 hours. When you wish to change the scent, just reapply. Compatible with all brands of essential oils.
1 bracelet - $14
2 bracelets - $24 ($12/bracelet) 
3 bracelets - $30 ($10/bracelet)
4 bracelets - $36 ($9/bracelet)
Each bracelet set comes with 1/4 dram of pure, 100% certified organic Vitruvi lavender essential oil.

Directions: Place 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil onto beads and rub it in to indulge in the healing properties of the oils. The scent will last up to 14 hours depending on the strength of your oil. Ready for a new oil? Just apply over the top to cover up the previous scent.
Size: 8mm wood beads; 7 to 7.25 inches in length
Note: due to the nature of the wood product, the color of this bead may vary from what is shown in the photo. 

Made in the USA

Much of what we “know” about sexual assault is false. For one, it’s not always committed by a stranger, in fact, seven out of 10 sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. Ninety-three percent of victims under the age of 18 know the abuser

It can even occur by someone you are intimate with. Spousal rape, marital rape, intimate partner rape and intimate partner sexual violence are all just as much sexual assault as any other. It’s not just women and girls who experience it. It can, and does, happen to men and boys as well.

Consent is not assuming that how a person is dressed, flirting or kissing is an open invitation for more. Consent is not when someone is incapacitated from drugs or alcohol. It is not pressuring someone into it. It is not when someone is under the legal age. It’s not an assumption that it’s okay because you’ve engaged in a sexual act together before.  According to USA Today, “Ending rape means changing more than definitions; it means changing culture."

Learn more about Sexual Assault in our blog post.